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Day 6 & 7

Still on the right track yesterday. Found my way back again to my doubled bank…. Now keep it up and double up again.

Today I started the first race with a loss around 16e, I was just fucking up every trade I did in a way too competitive race to trade easily…

But then…

Betfair went down…AGAIN!

And we had the rest of the day to watch a movie again…

Start bank: 68.10

Current bank: 100.83

P/L: +32.73


Day 2

Very good day for a sunday!

Catched a winner in the trade which landed me a nice profit from my 2e stake…
A lot of very high prices horses ran good overall which were easy to trade because no-one was backing them before the race…

6 losses out of 20 races – I have to cut down one the losers, by just focussing more on the race and not entering to much trades…

Start bank: 85.58
Current bank: 116.40
P/L: +30.82

Day 1

Today was a good day, a lot of jump races and nothing special actually. I managed to record a video while trading the races in-play today.

Start bank: 55.77
Current bank: 85.58
P/L: +29.81