Day 5

After a day’s rest today was a day in the right direction again…

Start bank: 59.39
Current bank: 68.10
P/L: +8.71


Day 4

Today was a day of hard races and even harder trades…

But I did manage to end in profit for the day. Not much but as long as it’s no loss I’ll be happy…

Today was also the day of a monster jackpot win for someone at Exceter today, he won 1,5 million pound and picked the horses because he liked the names!! That’s probably why he has won it, because every other human with SOME knowledge of horseracing wouldn’t have picked his selection… Congrats to this guy though and I wish him the very best.

Start Bank: 58.37
Current Bank: 59.39
P/L: 1.02

EW tips 08-03

Exeter 3.30 – Abbey Dore TBP @5.4
Exeter 4.30 – Lundy Sky TBP @2.0
Newcastle 4.50 – Categorical TBP @2.5
Southwell 1.40 – Errigal Lad TBP @2.76
Southwell 2.40 – La Estrella WIN @1.53

Abbey Dore – Lost

Lundy Sky – WON

Categorial – WON

Errigal Lad – Lost

La Estrella – WON

Day 3

The weather was so nice!

But the trading wasn’t…
Started with a loss today and just couldn’t get into the rythm untill after a few races. But then… a BIG loss wiped out a days work… Could get some back in the races after but still left me with a big loss today thanks to ‘Tora Bora’. Remember the name and never back it in a 3m Hcap Hrd in your life!

Today I learned the lesson of not being focussed or having the feeling for it and it was an expensive one again…

Start bank: 116.40
Current bank: 58.37
P/L: -51.13



Day 2

Very good day for a sunday!

Catched a winner in the trade which landed me a nice profit from my 2e stake…
A lot of very high prices horses ran good overall which were easy to trade because no-one was backing them before the race…

6 losses out of 20 races – I have to cut down one the losers, by just focussing more on the race and not entering to much trades…

Start bank: 85.58
Current bank: 116.40
P/L: +30.82

Day 1

Today was a good day, a lot of jump races and nothing special actually. I managed to record a video while trading the races in-play today.

Start bank: 55.77
Current bank: 85.58
P/L: +29.81

Welcome to my challenge!

As of today I will start my challenge to make 50 Euro into 1000 Euro.

I will do this by trading the UK horseracing markets on betfair.

During the day I will scalp the horseracing markets by 1 or 2 ticks at the time pre-race and trade the races with live video in-running with small stakes.