Back to scalping pre-race :(

Hey, It’s been a while but it decided to load up my bank again last week but after having a bad week with losses after the other its time to get back to pre-race scalping…

A big factor too is the flat season that has started, which is more difficult to trade in-running. (i think)

A typical day trading for me is just up and down in profit and loss… Win 30 lose 20 and that just made me losses for the whole week! Worst week ever!

So I decided I have to go back to pre-race trading to build the bank again since there’s only 20 left in the bank… I’ll use 5e stakes for my trading tomorrow and will let you know the result the day after.

Just my tips for tomorrow:

2.10 Dabbers Ridge – 2.20 Choice of Remark – 2.30 Caprio – 2.40 One Kool Dude

15.10 EW Duchess Dora – 15.30 EW Apprimus – 19.10 Jake the Snake



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