Well my bank is gone, not due trading inplay but one bad day reduced the bank to 33 and with the Cheltenham festival I decided to play a tote placepot on the second day. I picked all the right horses for the 6 legs of the tote but for my stake of 11.57 it only returned me 6.70 wich is very poor! The third day I played some multiples and decided to just enjoy the racing infront of my laptop… Didn’t make any money on them and now the bank is empty…

Next week will be my next change and I think I’ll try to get back to scalping before the races and use the profit of the scalping for some races to go inplay.

I’ll allso try to trade more tennis matches, since I really enjoy the Tradeshark chatroom which has been very helpfull to learn the trading of tennis for me…


One response to “Busted!

  1. Sorry to hear you lost the lot :-(. Will be interested in hearing how you get on with trading – something I’m going to branch into once I get the hang of this arbing stuff first 🙂

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