Queensday in Holland :)

Yes, the perfect day to get drunk in Amsterdam with 2million other people…. BUT if you’re from Amsterdam you don’t feel like it, with all these ‘tourists’ from other cities… They misbehave and it’s allways a big mess…

So I made myself usefull and traded the races today for a while.


Best day ever :)

Last few days have been good to me, out of 4 I have been in profit for 3 days. Today has been a personal daily record. (maybe because everyone was watching the royal wedding?)

Back to scalping pre-race :(

Hey, It’s been a while but it decided to load up my bank again last week but after having a bad week with losses after the other its time to get back to pre-race scalping…

A big factor too is the flat season that has started, which is more difficult to trade in-running. (i think)

A typical day trading for me is just up and down in profit and loss… Win 30 lose 20 and that just made me losses for the whole week! Worst week ever!

So I decided I have to go back to pre-race trading to build the bank again since there’s only 20 left in the bank… I’ll use 5e stakes for my trading tomorrow and will let you know the result the day after.

Just my tips for tomorrow:

2.10 Dabbers Ridge – 2.20 Choice of Remark – 2.30 Caprio – 2.40 One Kool Dude

15.10 EW Duchess Dora – 15.30 EW Apprimus – 19.10 Jake the Snake


Placepot selections 26th March

Today I’ll have a go at the Placepot on the Newbury and Stratford tracks.

My selections are:

Stratford: 1,5 / 1,3 / 2,4 / 2,8,11 / 2 / 1,3 representing 48 lines 0,1p each

Newbury: 3 / 3,7 / 1,12,13 / 1,10 / 1,9 / 1,6 also 48 lines 0,1p each

Lets see what the races will bring us…

Each Way tips 19th

My tips for today on the to be placed market prices of betfair…

Ffos Las – 15.10 – Camden @ 1.80 ——- Lost

Ffos Las – 15.40 – Gambo @3.1 —— Lost

Gowran Park – 16.15 – Georgie @4.6 —— Lost

Newcastle – 15.20 – Night in Milan @2.08 —— Lost

This is it for today, hope they all place 🙂

Reults will be updated after the races tonight…

Couldn’t be worse for today’s picks…. Hope it will be better tomorrow.


Well my bank is gone, not due trading inplay but one bad day reduced the bank to 33 and with the Cheltenham festival I decided to play a tote placepot on the second day. I picked all the right horses for the 6 legs of the tote but for my stake of 11.57 it only returned me 6.70 wich is very poor! The third day I played some multiples and decided to just enjoy the racing infront of my laptop… Didn’t make any money on them and now the bank is empty…

Next week will be my next change and I think I’ll try to get back to scalping before the races and use the profit of the scalping for some races to go inplay.

I’ll allso try to trade more tennis matches, since I really enjoy the Tradeshark chatroom which has been very helpfull to learn the trading of tennis for me…

Day 6 & 7

Still on the right track yesterday. Found my way back again to my doubled bank…. Now keep it up and double up again.

Today I started the first race with a loss around 16e, I was just fucking up every trade I did in a way too competitive race to trade easily…

But then…

Betfair went down…AGAIN!

And we had the rest of the day to watch a movie again…

Start bank: 68.10

Current bank: 100.83

P/L: +32.73